Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Put your skin in professional hands.

Poseidón La Manga Hotel & Spa **** by Germaine de Capuccini, offers several facial treatments through the most innovative cosmetics on the market. We have advanced facial cosmetics anti-aging, moisturizing, specific care for mixed/sensitive skin, mixed, ... adapted to the needs of your skin.


  • EXCEL THERAPY O2 Anti-pollution / Oxygenating 75 min.

A powerful shield to the pollution in order to the skin to resist the rhythm of the city. The skin is transformed: oxygenated, detoxified, strengthened and regenerated, it shows radiant and immediately acquires a high level of well-being.

PRICE: 65 €


  • TIMEXPERT SRNS Anti-aging and Global Nutrition 90 min.

Sublime multisensory treatment that offers an effective response. Based on Epigenetics it is adapted to the history of your skin. It manages to identify the sources of cellular aging to slow down its process.

PRICE: 70 €


  • TIMEXPERT C+ (A.G.E.) Antioxidant and Luminosity 75 min.

Powerful union of Vitamin C (derived from VC-IP) and Extract of Ume that counteracts the negative effects of glycation. It rejuvenates the skin and brings luminosity at the same time that the skin is unified in tone.

PRICE: 65 €


  • HYDRACURE Intense and Lasting Hydration 75 min.

Maximum hydration concentrated in an advanced treatment ideal for all skins and, especially, for those who show symptoms of dehydration: lack of comfort, tight, tired and dull skin, etc.

PRICE: € 60


  • PUREXPERT Hygiene and Care 60 min.

It purifies, renews and calms the skin in a record time. It reveals a more uniform face, luminous and pure.

PRICE: € 50

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